Friday, December 20, 2013

Better Shén pictures...

Shén Merchant and Diplomat, painted by Pictors Studios
Sculpted by Allan Marsh

The Palace of Foreign Persons (PF)

PF 33 Shén - Diplomat $6.00
PF 34 Shén - Merchant $6.00

These are posted with sincere apologies to Dave Imre who had requested better pictures when I first posted pics way back in July! I'm certain I would have read his comments and have no real excuse except for failing memory and that July was a bad time for Family Emergencies. Anyway, I noticed his request a few days ago and resolved to make up for my tardiness. I hope these pictures suffice. :-)

Lorún  Shamaness, also painted by Pictors
Sculpted by Nicholas Genovese

The Lorún (AE-LO)

AE-LO 1 Lorún Shamaness (Fireweaver) $6.00

The Lorún are relatives of the N'luss and so stand much taller than most humans on Tékumel. Her body paint is inspired by the work of François Miville-Deschênes.                         

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