The Palace of Ever-Glorious War

The Armies and Enemies of the Petal Throne (Code: AE)

Tsolyánu, the Empire of the Petal Throne (AE-TS)   

The First Legion of the Ever-Present Glory
AE-TS   6   Kérdu   $6.00
AE-TS   7   Warband (Spears)   $50.00
AE-TS   8   Warband (Bows)   $50.00
AE-TS   9   Horde (Spears)   $40.00
AE-TS   10   Horde (Bows)   $40.00

Painted by Mike Lung
(the Pygmy Folk is a conversion)

The Legion of Sérqu, Sword of the Empire, 14th Imperial Heavy Infantry

AE-TS   49   Kérdu   NA
AE-TS   50   Warband (Spears)   $50.00
AE-TS   51   Warband (Bows)   $50.00
AE-TS   52   Horde (Spears)   $40.00
AE-TS   53   Horde (Bows)   $40.00

The Legion of the Lord of Red Devastation, Lord Vimúhla, God of Fire, 18th Imperial Medium Infantry

AE-TS   130   Kérdu   NA
AE-TS   131   Warband (Two-Handed Swords)   $50.00    >>> NOW AVAILABLE
AE-TS   132   Horde (Two-Handed Swords)   $40.00     >>> NOW AVAILABLE

From the collection of Mike Lung. 
Painted by Mike Lung

Trooper, grounded sword

Trooper w. shield


Banner Bearer


Helmet Sprue @ $1.50

The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa, 19th Imperial Medium Infantry

AE-TS   133   Kérdu      $6.00
AE-TS   134   Warband (Spears)   $50.00
AE-TS   135   Horde (Spears)   $40.00

Painted by Mike Lung

The Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle, 12th Imperial Light Infantry
AE-TS   238    Kérdu   $6.00
AE-TS   239   Warband (Javelins)   $50.00
AE-TS   240   Warband (Slings)   $50.00
AE-TS   241   Horde (Javelins)   $40.00
AE-TS   242   Horde (Slings)   $40.00

Painted by Shadowking

Yán Kór (AE-YK)   

The Gurék of the Valiant of Ke’ér

AE-YK   26   Ochür   NA
AE-YK   27   Warband (HI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   28   Horde (HI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   29   Warband (MI Morning Star)   NA
AE-YK   30   Horde (MI Morning Star)   NA
AE-YK   31   Warband (Bows)   NA
AE-YK   32   Horde (Bows)   NA

The Gurék of the Clan of the Red and Green Banner of Dháru

AE-YK   33   Ochür: Nacháu (Lady) Hu'myék of Dháru   $6.00   >>> NOW AVAILABLE
AE-YK   34   Warband (MI Halberds)   NA
AE-YK   35   Horde (MI Halberds)   $40  >>> NOW AVAILABLE
AE-YK   36   Warband (Crossbows)   NA
AE-YK   37   Horde (Crossbows)   $40  >>> NOW AVAILABLE

AE-YK 35 & 40 Halberds

AE-YK 37 Crossbows

The Gurék of the City of Vánu

AE-YK   38   Ochür: Lord Vachén Vorúna of Vánu   $6.00   >>> NOW AVAILABLE

AE-YK   39   Warband (HI Halberds)   NA
AE-YK   40   Horde (HI Halberds)   $40  >>> NOW AVAILABLE
AE-YK   41   Warband (MI Sword and Javelin)   NA
AE-YK   42   Horde (MI Sword and Javelin)   $40  >>> NOW AVAILABLE
AE-YK   43   Warband (Bows)   NA
AE-YK   44   Horde (Bows)   $40  >>> NOW AVAILABLE
AE-YK   45   Warband (LI Bows)   NA
AE-YK   46   Horde (LI Bows)   NA
AE-YK   47   Warband (LI Slings)   NA
AE-YK   48   Horde (LI Slings)   NA
AE-YK   49   Warband (LI Javelins)   NA
AE-YK   50   Horde (LI Javelins)   NA

AE-YK 42 Swords

AE-YK 44 Bows

Painted by Akársh.

The Gurék of Tléku Miriyá I

AE-YK   62   Ochür   NA
AE-YK   63   Warband (HI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   64   Horde (HI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   65   Warband (MI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   66   Horde (MI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   67   Warband (Crossbows)   NA
AE-YK   68   Horde (Crossbows)   NA

The Gurék of Tléku Miriyá II

AE-YK   70   Ochür   NA
AE-YK   71   Warband (MI Pikes)   NA
AE-YK   72   Horde (MI Pikes)   NA
AE-YK   73   Warband (Crossbows)   NA
AE-YK   74   Horde (Crossbows)   NA
AE-YK   75   Warband (LI Slings)   NA
AE-YK   76   Horde (LI Slings)   NA

The Gurék of the Turquoise Eye

AE-YK   77   Ochür   NA
AE-YK   78   Warband (HI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   79   Horde (HI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   80   Warband (MI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   81   Horde (MI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   82   Warband (Bows)   NA
AE-YK   83   Horde (Bows)   NA

The Gurék of Niktánbo of Rüllá 

AE-YK   99   Kérdu   NA
AE-YK   100   Warband (HI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   101   Horde (HI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   102   Warband (MI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   103   Horde (MI Spears)   NA

The Gurék of the City of Mákhis

AE-YK   105   Ochür   NA
AE-YK   106   Warband (MI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   107   Horde (MI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   108   Warband (Bows)   NA
AE-YK   109   Horde (Bows)   $40.00

Sculpted by Allan Marsh

The Legion of the Defense Against Evil

AE-YK   117   Ochür   NA
AE-YK   118   Warband (HI Halberds)   NA
AE-YK   119   Horde (HI Halberds)   NA
AE-YK   120   Warband (MI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   121   Horde (MI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   122   Warband (LI Slings)   NA
AE-YK   123   Horde (LI Slings)   NA

The Gurék of the Clan of the Silver Worm

AE-YK   136   Ochür   NA
AE-YK   137   Warband (HI Pikes)   NA
AE-YK   138   Horde (HI Pikes)   NA
AE-YK   139   Warband (MI Flails)   NA
AE-YK   140   Horde (MI Flails)   NA
AE-YK   141   Warband (LI Slings)   NA
AE-YK   142   Horde (LI Slings)   $40.00

From the collection of Chirene ba Kal

Sculpted by Allan Marsh

The Gurék of the Clan of the Black Bough

AE-YK   188   Ochür   NA
AE-YK   189   Warband (HI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   190   Horde (HI Spears)   NA
AE-YK   191   Warband (MI Two-handed Swords)   NA
AE-YK   192   Horde (MI Two-handed Swords)   NA
AE-YK   193   Warband (LI Slings)   NA
AE-YK   194   Horde (LI Slings)   NA

Generic Light Infantry

AE-SK 1   Light Infantry Skirmisher Girls (Horde)  $40

              (These figures come without weapons or shields. The figures have tabs but slotta bases are                    NOT provided.)

From the collection of Tony Yates

The Lorún (AE-LO)

AE-LO 1 Lorún Shamaness (Fireweaver) $6.00

Painted by Pictor's Studios

AE-LO 2   Lorún Princess  $6.00

Painted by Shadowking

AE-LO 3   Lorún Ritual Set  $30.00

Painted by Shadowking

AE-LO 4   Lorún Lawspeaker (and Boy)  $10.00

Sculpted by David Soderquist

AE-LO 5   Lorún Shamaness (Hag)  $6.00

Sculpted by David Soderquist