D.A.D. - David Allan Design

The Tekumel Project is no longer offering the DAD 3D printed figures.

Instead, David is uploading the files to Thingiverse and offering them as FREE stl file downloads!

How cool is that!

Here is the link: Free Tekumel!

I will maintain this page for reference use only. 

Also note that David is uploading the files when and if he has the time.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Pachi Lei
PL-1 Unarmed Pachi Lei  $2 USD
PL-2 Armed and armored Pachi Lei  $2 USD
PL-3 Armed and armored Pachi Lei w/two horned helmet  $2 USD
PL-4 Armed and armored Pachi Lei w/four horned helmet  $2 USD

Pachi Lei (PL-1 & PL-2)

The Legion of the Tangled Root Eaters,
Pachi Lei in Tsolyani service.
From the collection of Mike Lung

TI-1 Three armored Tinaliya with halberds   $2 USD
TI-2 One each Tinaliya armored with sword, armored with standard, and unarmed  $2 USD


SU-1 Ssu with shield and sword*  $2 USD
SU-2 Ssu with shield and halberd  $2 USD
SU-3 Ssu with shield, sword, and knife held in raised foot  $2 USD
SU-4 Ssu with crossbow and pavise  $2 USD
SU-5 Ssu magic user in fez with fetish pole  $2 USD
SU-6 Ssu magic user in wizard hat  $2 USD 
SU-7 Large armored Ssu with shield and sword  $2 USD
SU-8 Lightning Bringer (tracked laser cannon) with Ssu crewman  $5 USD
SU-9 Food of the Ssu (man height, broad leafed, poisonous plant)  $2 USD



SU-5 & SU-6

SU-1 & SU-3


Painted by Mike Lung

HS-1 Hlyss warrior with sword and shield*  $2 USD
HS-2 Hlyss warrior with halberd*  $2 USD
HS-3 Hlyss leader with helmet, raygun, and standard*  $3 USD
HS-4 Hlyss, unarmed  $2 USD
HS-5 Hlyss with xbow  $2 USD
HS-6 Hlyss queen suspended on hammock  $20 USD

Hlyss Queen
Painted by David Allan

Painted by Mike Lung

Shunned Ones
SO-1 Shunned One with shield and spear

Shunned Ones
Painted by David Allan

SO-2 Shunned One with spear thrower  $2 USD
SO-3 Shunned One magic user with spread arms  $2 USD
SO-4 Shunned One magic user holding book with hood down  $2 USD
SO-5 Shunned One archmage in walking chair  $6 USD

Shunned One Archmage
Painted by David Allan

SO-6 Shunned One multi spigot mortar with limber and three crew   $10 USD

Shunned One Mortar
Painted by David Allan

SO-7 Shunned One bomber with two crew and flying base.   $20 USD

Shunned One Bomber
Painted by David Allan

SO-8 Shunned One tracking beast*  $2 USD

Shunned One Tracking Beast
Painted by David Allan

HO-1 Hokun on foot with various weapon options  $3 USD
HO-2 Hokun mounted on larger Hokun with various weapon options  $5 USD
HO-3 Hokun with hand catapult (sort of a cross between an xbow and slingshot)  $3 USD

Painted by David Allan

HL-1 Hlutrgu with javelins*  $2 USD
HL-2 Hlutrgu warrior with javelin and club*  $2 USD
HL-3 Hlutrgu command group with three shaman, two drummers, and standard bearer  $8 USD
HL-4 Hlutrgu standing with xbow  $2 USD
HL-5 Hlutrgu squatting with xbow  $2 USD
NY-1 Waterline Nyagga (head and tail) with javelin  $3 USD
NY-2 Waterline Nyagga (head only) with javelin  $3 USD
NY-3 Two waterline Nyagga with inscrutable device  $5 USD
NY-4 Swimming Nyagga  $5 USD

Waterline Nyagga
Painted by David Allan

DE-1 Dweller in Shadow (McDonald's-style fry goblin w/swords)  $2 USD

Dweller in Shadow
Painted by David Allan

DE-2 Blind One of Hreshkagettel (land squid w/big eyes)  $2 USD

Blind One of Hreshkagettel
Painted by David Allan

DE-3 Hra (big naked flesh golem) with 2H sword  $3 USD
DE-4 Hra with 2H flail  $3 USD

PR-1 Ksarul Priest, with pair of Hra
Painted by David Allan

DE-5 Tsughiyur (headless troll) with club or spear  $3 USD

Painted by David Allan

DE-6 Ru'un (warbot)  $2 USD 

Painted by David Allan

DE-7 Lord Kurritlikal (multi limbed horror)  $10 USD 
DE-8 Spawn of Kurritlikal (a smaller DE-7)  $4 USD

Lord Kurritlikal, flanked by Spawn of Kurritlikal
Painted by David Allan

DE-9 Lord Ge'en (tall, large mouthed, tentacled horror)  $15 USD

Lord Ge'en
Painted by David Allan

DE-10 Lord Srukarum (lich riding bat/rat/boar beast)  $12 USD

Lord Srukarum
Painted by David Allan

DE-11 Vorodla* (zombie w/techno wings)  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

DE-12 Lords Nimune, Akhone, and Niritlal - the demon warriors  $9 USD

Lords Nimune, Akhone, and Niritlal
Painted by David Allan

DE-13 Lord Glabber, demon warrior of the Hlutrgu (like a toad with a ponytail and power axe)
$2 USD
PR-1 Ksarul priest with staff  $2 USD
PR-2 Warrior priest of Sarku with ceremonial mace  $2 USD
PR-3 Sarku magician seated on litter with two Thunuru, assistant, and paraphernalia  $10 USD

The Wiz
Painted by David Allan

PR-4 Two Thunuru porting litter (also part of PR-3)  $6 USD

PR-5 Ksarul high priest with arms spread wide  $2 USD
PR-6 Aircar w/crew of three Ksarul priests and flying stand  $20 USD

Painted by David Allan

SW-1 Seal of the Worm trooper with spear and shield  $2 USD
SW-2 Seal of the Worm command group with general (PR-2), trumpeter, and standard bearer
$6 USD

Painted by David Allan

SW-3 Seal of the Worm trooper operating Lightning Bringer (wheeled energy cannon)  $5 USD

MU-1 Fungus Eater (tall, skinny, nekkid guy) standing with bow  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

TA-1 Tane mounted on Bazaq with shield and spear*  $5 USD

Painted by David Allan

TA-2 Tane on foot with shield and spear or axe  $2 USD
TA-3 Tane with long bow  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

TA-4 Tane Howdah for RE-4 with six crew  $15 USD

GH-1 Ghatoni trooper w/sword and shield  $2 USD
GH-2 Ghatoni archer  $2 USD
GH-3 Ghatoni command group with warlord, standard bearer, and drummer boy  $6 USD

HU-1 Generic kilted man with torch  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

HU-2 HU-1 packing extra torches in backpack  $2 USD
HU-3 Herder holding baby Hma  $2 USD

AN-1 Ghar  $6 USD
AN-2 Waterline Ghar  $4 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-3 Serudla*  $8 USD
AN-4 Armored Serudla*  $8 USD

Armored Serudla
Painted by David Allan

Painted by David Allan

AN-5 Feshenga*  $6 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-6 Chlen* (a smaller and slightly reproportioned version of the Tekumel Project mini)  $5 USD
AN-7 Chlen baby (a smaller AN-6 with nubby horns)  $1 USD

AN-8 Waterline Akho (head and eight tentacles)  $12 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-9 Zrne  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-10 Tsi'il* (six legged brontosaur w/backplates and spiky crest)  $6 USD
AN-11 Tsi'il baby  $1 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-12 Etla crab  $2 USD
AN-13 Kayi  $3 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-14 Set of three Dlaqo beetles (large, medium, and small)  $4 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-15 Renyu standing w/staff (fetch the stick boy!) and wearing kilt  $2 USD
AN-16 Renyu w/javlin, squatting and pointing  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-17 Feshenga in water from neck down  $3 USD
AN-18 Feshenga in water from head down  $3 USD
AN-19 Hma* (like a small six legged lama)  $1 USD

Hma, Herder w. Dog
Painted by David Allan

AN-20 Dog, standing  $1 USD
AN-21 Dzor (large, slightly vulpine, three eyed, humanoid) w/club*  $8 USD

AC-1 Single axle Chlen cart sized for Tekumel Project Chlen  $12 USD
AC-2 Single axle Chlen cart (sized for AN-6) with driver  $8 USD
AC-3 Two axle Clen cart (sized for two AN-6) with driver and passenger  $12 USD

Note: Chlen sold separately.

AC-4 Chlen panniers for AN-6  $2 USD

AC-5 Baron Ald's Black Box on 10 wheeled cart with four Chlen, Fu Shi'i, and three guards  
$120 USD

AC-6 Additional four Chlen team for AC-5 with Yan Kor style wrangler  $24 USD

The Weapon Without Answer
Painted by David Allan

AC-7 Two axle Chlen cart sized for Tekumel Project Chlen  $15 USD
AC-8 Panniers for Tekumel Project Chlen  $6 USD

DAD Armoury:
AC-9 10 Hokun style spear heads  $1 USD
AC-10 10 Salarvyani style poleaxe heads  $1 USD
AC-11 10 Flamberges (two handed swords with wavy blades) (can be used as polearm heads)  
$1 USD
AC-12 10 Serqu style spear heads  $1 USD
AC-13 10 Two headed poleaxes  $1 USD
AC-14 10 Ahoggya swords  (can be used as polearm heads)  $1 USD
AC-15 10 Spikey halberd heads  $1 USD
AC-16 10 Spikey polearm heads  $1 USD
AC-17 10 Trident heads  $1 USD
RE-9 Mike Lung's remodel of Tekumel Project Thunuru reduced to 9' tall in scale  $4 USD
RE-10 Tekumel Project Biridlu (remodelled with smaller, radially symetric, head bump)  $4 USD
RE-13 Tsagun by Mike Lung (fungus monster - just a silly as it sounds!)  $4 USD

"The Fungus Amongus"
Tsagun Painted by Mike Lung
(...with human figure from Mike's collection)

Re-modelled Thunuru

AT-1 Ahoggya trooper in vac suit w/hand weapons*  $2 USD
AT-2 Ahoggya trooper in vac suit w/heavy weapon  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

AT-3 Ssu in vac suit w/blaster  $2 USD
AT-4 Ssu in vac suit stooping w/blaster  $2 USD
AT-5 Ssu in vac suit w/launcher  $2 USD
AT-6 Ssu in vac suit w/sniper weapon  $2 USD
AT-7 Ssu leader in vac suit w/standard  $2 USD
AT-8 Serudla w/fricken laser on its head and two blasters*  $10 USD
Other Related
H.G. Wells Style Martians  $2 USD
M-1 Unarmed Martian*  $2 USD
M-2 Martian w/respirator and blaster*  $2 USD
M-3 Martian w/respirator and raygun*  $2 USD
M-4 Martian command team with officer and radio operator  $4 USD
M-5 Tripod  $24 USD
M-6 SP gun with operator  $10 USD
M-7 Small flyer on smoke stand  $8 USD
M-8 Cylinder end protruding from ground with tentacle mounted heat ray  $32 USD
Khmer Boats
KB-1 Large hull  $18 USD
KB-2 Small hull  $8 USD

KB-3 18 Oarsman (w/Tsolyani hairdoos) and steersman seated on benches for KB-1  $15 USD
KB-4 14 Kneeling paddle dudes (w/Tsolyani hairdoos) for KB-2  $12 USD
KB-5 Three figure heads for KB-1  $2 USD

Misc. Stuff
MS-1 Sesame Street style Martian*  $2 USD
MS-2 Dalik  $2 USD
MS-3 Mammoth skeleton  $6 USD
MS-4 Spaceman Spiff in saucer with flying stand  $12 USD
MS-5 Bat Webbed Booger Being  $3 USD
MS-6 Squirtle  $3 USD
MS-7 Giant wasp w/flying stand  $6 USD
MS-8 Giant wasp w/saddle and flying stand  $6 USD
MS-9 Giant wasp w/rider and flying stand  $8 USD

MS-10 Giant caterpillar  $4 USD
AR-1 Blank, square, column, 100mm x 28mm x 28mm  $8 USD

AR-2 Set of 24 decorative panels, each 15mm x 12.5mm x 1.5mm  $8 USD

AR-3 Mayan style "wave" border, 8mm x 170mm x 1.5mm  $2 USD

AR-4 Tekumel Project's General Kettukal, enlarged 1.5 X and standing on inscribed pedestal  
$8 USD

Painted by David Allan

* Includes minor variation in pose, e.g. mouth open or closed, head turned left or right


  1. What is inside Baron Ale's black box?

    1. It was also known as "The Weapon Without Answer".

  2. Just below General Kettukal's stastue is a wonderful construct. what is it? What is it used for? I think I want one.

    1. It's a tomb. I believe David made that when Professor Barker passed. As you can see from the figures it is relatively large and would be expensive to print.

  3. actually, I think the black box contains a mysterious black stone that has undergone a series of alchemical rituals and as a result is extremely radio-active. It is going to be removed from it's lead lined casket and left to spread it's radioactivity all over the place

  4. How do you order the DAD stuff? What paypal?

  5. See the "How to Order" section in the Shop.

  6. There is a start on the Ghatoni, but there still needs to be Cross bowmen and light infantry for the second legion.

    1. I'll ask David about those. But don't forget the mysterious third legion. Not described but listed on the painting chart!