The Palace of Foreign Lands

(Code: PF)

The Hláka

Sculpted by Allan Marsh


A "firepot" troop, painted by Mike Lung

PF-1   Hláka Leader   $6.00
PF-2   Firepot Landed(4) and Firepot Flying(4)  $30.00
PF-4   Javelin Landed(4) and Javelin Flying(4)  $30.00
PF-5   Imperial Messenger Vignette   $12.00

Imperial Messenger Vignette, painted by Roy Duffy

The Shén

Shén Command Figures

Sculpted by Allan Marsh

PF-21 Shén Warband (Full Command plus 10 troopers)  $60.00
PF-22 Shén Horde (10 troopers)  $50.00

Shén Warriors (Berserker, lower right)

...and Civilians.

Painted by Shadowking

Painted by Mike Lung

PF-23 Shén Officer    $6.00
PF-24 Shén Standard Bearer     $6.00
PF-25 Shén Drummer      $6.00

Painted by Akársh

PF-26 Shén Trooper 1 - with 1H Weapon     $6.00

Sculpted by Allan Marsh 

PF-27 Shén Trooper 2 - with 1H Weapon     $6.00

Sculpted by Allan Marsh 

PF-28 Shén Trooper 3 - with 2H Weapon     $6.00

Sculpted by Allan Marsh 

PF-29 Shén Trooper 4 - with 2H Weapon     $6.00
PF-30 Shén Berserker    $6.00
PF-31 Shén with crossbow pistol     NA

PF-32 Shén Diplomat    $6.00

PF-33 Shén Merchant    $6.00

PF-34 Shén Civilian 1 - with Staff     $6.00

Sculpted by Allan Marsh 

PF-35 Shén Civilian 2     $6.00

Sculpted by Allan Marsh 

PF-36 Shén Civilian 3     $6.00

Sculpted by Allan Marsh 

PF-37 Lord Freshsháyu hiTurukénHuman General in "Shén" Armour

Painted by Akársh

Sold as a: 

Warband - consisting of: 1 each of the Officer, Standard Bearer and Musician, plus 10 troopers. Trooper poses may be chosen by the customer. Total of 13 figures plus weapons and shields.

Horde - consists of 10 troopers, poses may be chosen by customer if desired. Total of 10 figures plus weapons and shields.

Shén Shields:  

Available with the appropriate figures or separately for $1 each. Choose from Tek-35, the original design, or any of these four variants:

L-to-R: Tek-35, 35a, 35b, 35c and 35d

The Ahoggyá  *** CURRENTLY SOLD OUT ***

Painted by Akársh

Painted by Mike Lung

Each figure consists of a resin body with 4 metal arms. An extra arm is included with each figure (so 10 extra arms per set.) There are 12 arm variants.

Sculpted by Allan Marsh 

Ahoggyá Singles - specify Armoured or Unarmoured:  $15.00


The Tinalíya - not yet available

Sculpted by Faron Betchley

The Swamp Folk - Available Now...

Sculpted by Ian Mountain 

TEK-70 Swamp Folk - unarmed  $15.00
TEK-71 Swamp Folk with 2H Axe   $15.00
TEK-72 Swamp Folk with Sword    $15.00

Painted by Mike Lung

The Mu’ugalavyáni

Sculpted by Ian Mountain

PF-101    Mu’ugalavyáni Priest of Hrsh      $6.00
PF-102    Mu’ugalavyáni Priestess of Hrsh       $6.00

A note about the Priestesses' headpiece: the "handle" of the bat-wing-shaped piece has a peg which fits into the back of the figure's head. The two plumes are meant to be glued to the back of the bat wings.