Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Don't Forget...

Smiley says "Hi!"

The Sale applies to Tekumel Club Memberships as well as, $50 CDN instead of the usual $50 US!

And remember, Tekumel Club membership gives you 40% off our products (but not the DAD stuff.)

The sale will run through the Easter week-end, ending roundabout the time I check my emails Tuesday Morning...

...who knows, I may sleep in that day... ;-)

Also, I am issuing a "raincheck" to anyone who buys a new membership or renews their old one*: get the sale prices on your first order whenever it is during 2018.

So now you can all have a relaxing Easter weekend! :-)

* or just ask! :-)

Friday, March 2, 2018

It's Canadian, Eh!

Bob and Doug McKenzie

A Spring Madness Sale:   EXTENDED UNTIL MARCH 12th - 10 DAY


From now until midnight, March 5th 12th 31st all in stock items are for sale in Canadian dollars instead of the usual USD!

I just took a sampling of exchange rates:

1 CDN = 0.63 Euro

1 CDN = 0.78 USD

1 CDN = 0.56 GBP

1 CDN = 1 AUD

Tekumel Club Discounts will apply.

I reserve the right to limit quantities. 

Postage will stay the usual, only in CDN, of course. That is: 20% of total order, with the following minimum charge: 
Canada and the USA - $10
Rest of the World - $15

Note that the D.A.D. products, Ever-Present Glory and Serqu are too low stock and are excluded from this sale.

Any questions, please email me at:

Payment via PayPal to the above email address.