Saturday, September 19, 2020

The situation could change again, but I am back being able to order DAD product, including special orders.

Friday, June 26, 2020

D.A.D 3D Printed Prices - Added to Listing

Effective June 26th, 2020, I have added prices - in US dollars - to the items in the D.A.D. listing. Note that some items have gone up in price slightly.

Find the listing HERE.

Also note that due to the Covid-19 situation I am unable to order any re-stock or special orders so everything is "limited to the counter mix" as they say.

Not all the items in the listing are in stock. I will try and do an inventory and post more-or-less current totals. 

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Reminder: The 40% off Tekumel Club Sale ends Jan 19th!

Smiley want to say something...

Just a reminder that this sale ends January 19th!

A great opportunity to save 40%!

Or 50% if already a Tekumel Club member! Not sure if you are? If you have ordered from me in the past then consider your membership is still valid regardless of how long ago it was.  8)

A warning: I am running low on some things. I can give you a rain check but I cannot guarantee how long it will take to get the necessary bits. There are just too many imponderables.

Also: I have severely limited numbers of my original Yan Koryani - Valiant of Ke'er, Tleku Miriya 1 & 2 and even Turquoise Eye. These were originally produced via Eureka.

I even have a few unreleased Yan Koryani in the form of Black Bough 2-handed swordsmen, and Heavy infantry with pikes. The latter does for a number of units. These remain unreleased because I am missing bits such as standards, or in the case of the Black Bough sword blades as well.

BUT it may be the case that you are not particular - you can stick weapons on from your bits box, or are willing to substitute shields from my generic fantasy range, or can make your own standard. I have the castings and will sell them. If they would normally come with shields you can pick shields form my generic range to go with them (included in the price, of course.)

All I'm saying is they're "as is" for the moment. Until the moulds get made or the greens finished. This is all stuff I have little or no control of.

So, again, a reminder: the sale ends on Jan 19th!