Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Tekumel Club - Trial Membership offer: save 40%

EDIT: Offer extended until Jan 19th, 2020.

In lieu of a Black Friday sale I have decided to offer trial one month Tekumel Club memberships: For the month of December  until Jan 19th, 2020, anybody can purchase Tekumel Club products as if they were Tekumel Club members. This is a savings of 40% off the regular prices. Note that there are some items the discount does not apply to, most noticeably the DAD 3D printed stuff, which I have to import from the USA.

What is the Tekumel Club?

The membership costs $50 CAD and provides a 40% discount from the regular price of items, subject to the limitations noted above. The duration is indefinite: if I had a really large range I would make it one year, like the Old Glory Army Card, but my range isn't, and I want people to feel they have gotten their money's worth, so currently no expiry date. Many people renew anyway, every few years, because the Tekumel Project is the only source of Tekumel miniatures and joining the club helps there to be more.

Normally, the "break-even" point with the club is at $128 give or take. By that I mean that $128 worth of miniatures w/o the discount is approximately the same as $128 worth of miniatures, less 40%, plus the $50 cost of the membership.

So the offer is:

1) For the month of December 2019 Until Jan 19th 2020, you may trial the Tekumel Club membership for free;

2) You will get the 40% discount on any Tekumel Project miniatures on offer - per the restrictions noted above;

3) I reserve the right to cancel or limit quantities at any time;

4) If, by the end of the Sale, you have purchased $128 or more miniatures you will be offered the opportunity to join the Tekumel Club for free;

5) As a reward for current members, I can offer an additional 10% off for the month. Recent purchasers will get a credit.

Hope this all seems reasonable and correct to you!

If you have any questions just ask: green27 -AT- sympatico -DOT- ca

Best Regards,
Howard Fielding
The Tekumel Project