Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dháru and Vánu in stock!

Excerpt from the Swords & Glory Map 2

Just a quick note to say that I have received stocks [again] of the new Dháru and Vánu figures mentioned in my last post. Tomorrow I will be sorting them into packs. About 800 figures into about 80 packs. These will be "horde" packs only as I am still sorting out the command; by "sorting out", in this case, I mean: "getting them sculpted and cast". The swordsman packs are also missing their shields, which are still in the moulding queue. I will send them on later to anyone who buys a pack.

The Gurék of the Clan of the Red and Green Banner of Dháru
AE-YK   35   Horde (MI Halberds)   $40 CAD
AE-YK   37   Horde (Crossbows)   $40 CAD

AE-YK 35 & 40 Halberds

AE-YK 37 Crossbows

The Gurék of the City of Vánu
AE-YK   40   Horde (HI Halberds)   $40 CAD
AE-YK   42   Horde (MI Sword and Javelin)   $40 CAD
AE-YK   44   Horde (Bows)   $40 CAD

AE-YK 42 Swords

AE-YK 44 Bows

Tekumel Club discounts apply, of course.

As always, a Horde will consist of a mix of 10 figures, either swordsmen, halberdiers, archers or with crossbows. Note that there are male and female poses. I usually do 2/3rds male, 1/3 female but can vary an order to suit.