Friday, March 2, 2018

It's Canadian, Eh!

Bob and Doug McKenzie

A Spring Madness Sale:   EXTENDED UNTIL MARCH 12th - 10 DAY


From now until midnight, March 5th 12th 31st all in stock items are for sale in Canadian dollars instead of the usual USD!

I just took a sampling of exchange rates:

1 CDN = 0.63 Euro

1 CDN = 0.78 USD

1 CDN = 0.56 GBP

1 CDN = 1 AUD

Tekumel Club Discounts will apply.

I reserve the right to limit quantities. 

Postage will stay the usual, only in CDN, of course. That is: 20% of total order, with the following minimum charge: 
Canada and the USA - $10
Rest of the World - $15

Note that the D.A.D. products, Ever-Present Glory and Serqu are too low stock and are excluded from this sale.

Any questions, please email me at:

Payment via PayPal to the above email address.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Ebon Kingdom Day Sale!

As this Friday is Ebon Kingdom Day, the great King Griggatsétsa has decreed that the Tekumel Project offer an additional 10% off in-stock items to Tekumel Club members. The sale runs until Midnight Monday, Nov 27th.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Legion of the Lord of Red Devastation

Standard Bearer, Musician and Troopers

In bits, also showing separate heads

The Lady Deq Dimani, front

...and back.

All sculpted by John Winter

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Swamp Folk!

The "unboxing"...

Scale Comparison...

Ready to man any vessel you command...

A box was at the post office yesterday when I checked at lunchtime. Rushing back to the office I opened it to see some 600 Swamp Folk glaring up at me. Resin figures, originally sculpted by Ian Mountain.

They are gradually being brought into the shop. I have to sort out the codes as I see I am still showing the old system. You can use those codes if you want. I also modified the price. I had a sit down and worked out all the costs and discovered that the price I had intended to use would have meant I was pretty much just giving figures to people at pretty much my cost. Somehow I don't think that is how a business is supposed to work. I mean, I understand the concept of the "loss leader" but 1) that can't apply to everything you sell and 2) I think one wants a considerably higher sales volume than I am ever likely to achieve to get into things like that. :-)

You can find the Swamp Folk in the Palace of the Realm - one of the links in the sidebar to your right...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Postage Increases - Effective Sept 1st/2015

Due to the mounting costs of sending packages outside of Canada, especially when sending things Air Mail I have been forced to scrap the flat fee postage rate I have been using.

Starting September 1st/2015 postage will be charged at 20% of total order, with the following minimum charge:     (Revised again Sept 11/2015)

Canada and the USA - $10
Rest of the World - $15

If the postage charged using this formula is higher than actual I will refund the difference via PayPal or apply a credit to the customer's next order.