The Heroes of the Age

Here will reside our character figures - heroes and the like that don't really fit into any of the other categories.

HA-1 Princess Vrísa Vishétru of Saá Allaqi

Sculpted by John Winter.

This figure is our first "Unlimited Edition" reward figure.

Special "Reward" Pricing:
Nakome (non-member) $12;
Molkar $2;

HA-2     General Kettukal   $6.00

The blue is not quite right, but there you go.
(I should have used more of a Royal Blue colour).

HA-3     Baron Ald      $6.00

HA-4     Lord Fu'i Shi     NA
HA-5     Mihalli       NA
HA-6     Lady Déq Dimáni     $6.00  <<< Available NOW

HA-7     General Karin Missúm   NA
HA-8     Lord Khariháya      NA
HA-9     Governor of Tumíssa   NA
HA-10 Lord Freshsháyu hiTurukén,  Kérdu of the Legion of the City of Chrí  $6.00