The Tékumel Club

What is The Tékumel Club?

The Tékumel Club was set up to help support our range of Tékumel miniatures. Club members are asked to make a donation to the Tékumel Project. This is usually done via PayPal, though some members prefer to send personal checks of money orders.

The purpose of the fee is to help off-set the cost of the sculpting, which is the greatest single cost in the manufacturing process.

A typical 28mm figure can cost $300-$350US, or more depending upon the sculptor - though there are ways of reducing these costs through the use of blanks or dollies.

All monies from the club memberships are put towards the fees paid to sculptors and other artists producing Tékumel materials.

Joining The Tékumel Club grants the member a discount on miniatures sold through the club:

$50US .... Molkar*.... 40% off

* "Molkar" is a rank in the Tsolyani army roughly equivalent to a Major.

To Join send a PayPal payment to:

green27 -AT- sympatico -DOT- ca

or send a cheque or M.O. made out to Howard Fielding to:

The Tekumel Project
Box 835
Kingston, ON
K7L 1X6