The Palace of the Realm

(Code: PR)

PR 1 - The Puppet Master Vignette, the Clan of the Striding Incantation

Painted by Roy Duffy. 
Monolith and plain oval base by Fenris Games.

Set consists of a Puppet Master from the Clan of the Striding Incantation, his Pygmy Folk assistant, two magically-animated puppets and three delighted children.

Sculpted by John Winter.

Pricing (per set): $30

"Let The Games Begin!"

In Tsolyánu all the major towns and cities have Hirilákte Arenas which form a major source of entertainment, especially during the cooler months when events are held daily. They feature formal duels, including those between magicians; games and contests of all sorts and, of course, gladitorial bouts. The arenas are run by clans such as The Band of Noble Diversion. The days events are overseen by the Charukéldàlikoi, or Chief Referee.

PR-2 The Charukéldàlikoithe Chief Referee  $6.00

Painted by Roy Duffy.

  PR-3 Aridáni Warrior-Priestess of Avánthe - ready for battle in the Arena  $6.00

Painted by Roy Duffy.

PR-4 Bára, Aridáni Warrior - devotee of Dilinála  $6.00

Note that the spear hand is separate (not shown)

"On the Road..."

PR-30 Sokátis City Guard $6.00

Painted by Roy Duffy.

Vintage Tekumel Art

Generic Fantasy Shields

Sculpted by Federico Genovese

Tek-Shield-1  "Laughing Man"
Tek-Shield-2  "Princess Guard"
Tek-Shield-3  "Ogre"
Tek-Shield-4  "Boar's Head"
Tek-Shield-5  "Mother's Guard"
Tek-Shield-6  "Merchant"
Tek-Shield-7  "Serpent Guard (small)"
Tek-Shield-8  "Serpent Guard (large)"
Tek-Shield-9  "Skull Shield"
Tek-Shield-10  "Shouting Goddess"
Tek-Shield-11  "Maiden Guard"
Tek-Shield-12  "Horse Eater"
Tek-Shield-13  "Demon"
Tek-Shield-14  "Succubus 1"
Tek-Shield-15  "Succubus 2"
Tek-Shield-16  "Bat"

Priced at: $1 each.

Mu'ugalavyani Proxy Figures from Scotia-Grendel, 
kitted out with Tekumel Project shields.
Painted by Mike Lung

Tsolyani Militia. 
Unknown figures with Tekumel Project shields.
Painted by Mike Lung


Painted by Kestral

PR-100 Slave Bearers w. assorted goods    $30 (10 figures, with modular loads)

PR-101 Free Bearers w. assorted goods <<< Not yet available

Sculpted by Federico Genovese

Coming eventually?