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To Infinity and Beyond!



Pachi Lei
PL-1 Unarmed Pachi Lei  $2 USD
PL-2 Armed and armored Pachi Lei  $2 USD
PL-3 Armed and armored Pachi Lei w/two horned helmet  $2 USD
PL-4 Armed and armored Pachi Lei w/four horned helmet  $2 USD

Pachi Lei (PL-1 & PL-2)

The Legion of the Tangled Root Eaters,
Pachi Lei in Tsolyani service.
From the collection of Mike Lung

TI-1 Three armored Tinaliya with halberds   $2 USD
TI-2 One each Tinaliya armored with sword, armored with standard, and unarmed  $2 USD


SU-1 Ssu with shield and sword*  $2 USD
SU-2 Ssu with shield and halberd  $2 USD
SU-3 Ssu with shield, sword, and knife held in raised foot  $2 USD
SU-4 Ssu with crossbow and pavise  $2 USD
SU-5 Ssu magic user in fez with fetish pole  $2 USD
SU-6 Ssu magic user in wizard hat  $2 USD 
SU-7 Large armored Ssu with shield and sword  $2 USD
SU-8 Lightning Bringer (tracked laser cannon) with Ssu crewman  $5 USD
SU-9 Food of the Ssu (man height, broad leafed, poisonous plant)  $2 USD



SU-5 & SU-6

SU-1 & SU-3


Painted by Mike Lung

HS-1 Hlyss warrior with sword and shield*  $2 USD
HS-2 Hlyss warrior with halberd*  $2 USD
HS-3 Hlyss leader with helmet, raygun, and standard*  $3 USD
HS-4 Hlyss, unarmed  $2 USD
HS-5 Hlyss with xbow  $2 USD
HS-6 Hlyss queen suspended on hammock  $20 USD

Hlyss Queen
Painted by David Allan

Painted by Mike Lung

Shunned Ones
SO-1 Shunned One with shield and spear

Shunned Ones
Painted by David Allan

SO-2 Shunned One with spear thrower  $2 USD
SO-3 Shunned One magic user with spread arms  $2 USD
SO-4 Shunned One magic user holding book with hood down  $2 USD
SO-5 Shunned One archmage in walking chair  $6 USD

Shunned One Archmage
Painted by David Allan

SO-6 Shunned One multi spigot mortar with limber and three crew   $10 USD

Shunned One Mortar
Painted by David Allan

SO-7 Shunned One bomber with two crew and flying base.   $20 USD

Shunned One Bomber
Painted by David Allan

SO-8 Shunned One tracking beast*  $2 USD

Shunned One Tracking Beast
Painted by David Allan

HO-1 Hokun on foot with various weapon options  $3 USD
HO-2 Hokun mounted on larger Hokun with various weapon options  $5 USD
HO-3 Hokun with hand catapult (sort of a cross between an xbow and slingshot)  $3 USD

Painted by David Allan

HL-1 Hlutrgu with javelins*  $2 USD
HL-2 Hlutrgu warrior with javelin and club*  $2 USD
HL-3 Hlutrgu command group with three shaman, two drummers, and standard bearer  $8 USD
HL-4 Hlutrgu standing with xbow  $2 USD
HL-5 Hlutrgu squatting with xbow  $2 USD
NY-1 Waterline Nyagga (head and tail) with javelin  $3 USD
NY-2 Waterline Nyagga (head only) with javelin  $3 USD
NY-3 Two waterline Nyagga with inscrutable device  $5 USD
NY-4 Swimming Nyagga  $5 USD

Waterline Nyagga
Painted by David Allan

DE-1 Dweller in Shadow (McDonald's-style fry goblin w/swords)  $2 USD

Dweller in Shadow
Painted by David Allan

DE-2 Blind One of Hreshkagettel (land squid w/big eyes)  $2 USD

Blind One of Hreshkagettel
Painted by David Allan

DE-3 Hra (big naked flesh golem) with 2H sword  $3 USD
DE-4 Hra with 2H flail  $3 USD

PR-1 Ksarul Priest, with pair of Hra
Painted by David Allan

DE-5 Tsughiyur (headless troll) with club or spear  $3 USD

Painted by David Allan

DE-6 Ru'un (warbot)  $2 USD 

Painted by David Allan

DE-7 Lord Kurritlikal (multi limbed horror)  $10 USD 
DE-8 Spawn of Kurritlikal (a smaller DE-7)  $4 USD

Lord Kurritlikal, flanked by Spawn of Kurritlikal
Painted by David Allan

DE-9 Lord Ge'en (tall, large mouthed, tentacled horror)  $15 USD

Lord Ge'en
Painted by David Allan

DE-10 Lord Srukarum (lich riding bat/rat/boar beast)  $12 USD

Lord Srukarum
Painted by David Allan

DE-11 Vorodla* (zombie w/techno wings)  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

DE-12 Lords Nimune, Akhone, and Niritlal - the demon warriors  $9 USD

Lords Nimune, Akhone, and Niritlal
Painted by David Allan

DE-13 Lord Glabber, demon warrior of the Hlutrgu (like a toad with a ponytail and power axe)
$2 USD
PR-1 Ksarul priest with staff  $2 USD
PR-2 Warrior priest of Sarku with ceremonial mace  $2 USD
PR-3 Sarku magician seated on litter with two Thunuru, assistant, and paraphernalia  $10 USD

The Wiz
Painted by David Allan

PR-4 Two Thunuru porting litter (also part of PR-3)  $6 USD

PR-5 Ksarul high priest with arms spread wide  $2 USD
PR-6 Aircar w/crew of three Ksarul priests and flying stand  $20 USD

Painted by David Allan

SW-1 Seal of the Worm trooper with spear and shield  $2 USD
SW-2 Seal of the Worm command group with general (PR-2), trumpeter, and standard bearer
$6 USD

Painted by David Allan

SW-3 Seal of the Worm trooper operating Lightning Bringer (wheeled energy cannon)  $5 USD

MU-1 Fungus Eater (tall, skinny, nekkid guy) standing with bow  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

TA-1 Tane mounted on Bazaq with shield and spear*  $5 USD

Painted by David Allan

TA-2 Tane on foot with shield and spear or axe  $2 USD
TA-3 Tane with long bow  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

TA-4 Tane Howdah for RE-4 with six crew  $15 USD

GH-1 Ghatoni trooper w/sword and shield  $2 USD
GH-2 Ghatoni archer  $2 USD
GH-3 Ghatoni command group with warlord, standard bearer, and drummer boy  $6 USD

HU-1 Generic kilted man with torch  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

HU-2 HU-1 packing extra torches in backpack  $2 USD
HU-3 Herder holding baby Hma  $2 USD

AN-1 Ghar  $6 USD
AN-2 Waterline Ghar  $4 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-3 Serudla*  $8 USD
AN-4 Armored Serudla*  $8 USD

Armored Serudla
Painted by David Allan

Painted by David Allan

AN-5 Feshenga*  $6 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-6 Chlen* (a smaller and slightly reproportioned version of the Tekumel Project mini)  $5 USD
AN-7 Chlen baby (a smaller AN-6 with nubby horns)  $1 USD

AN-8 Waterline Akho (head and eight tentacles)  $12 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-9 Zrne  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-10 Tsi'il* (six legged brontosaur w/backplates and spiky crest)  $6 USD
AN-11 Tsi'il baby  $1 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-12 Etla crab  $2 USD
AN-13 Kayi  $3 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-14 Set of three Dlaqo beetles (large, medium, and small)  $4 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-15 Renyu standing w/staff (fetch the stick boy!) and wearing kilt  $2 USD
AN-16 Renyu w/javlin, squatting and pointing  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

AN-17 Feshenga in water from neck down  $3 USD
AN-18 Feshenga in water from head down  $3 USD
AN-19 Hma* (like a small six legged lama)  $1 USD

Hma, Herder w. Dog
Painted by David Allan

AN-20 Dog, standing  $1 USD
AN-21 Dzor (large, slightly vulpine, three eyed, humanoid) w/club*  $8 USD

AC-1 Single axle Chlen cart sized for Tekumel Project Chlen  $12 USD
AC-2 Single axle Chlen cart (sized for AN-6) with driver  $8 USD
AC-3 Two axle Clen cart (sized for two AN-6) with driver and passenger  $12 USD

Note: Chlen sold separately.

AC-4 Chlen panniers for AN-6  $2 USD

AC-5 Baron Ald's Black Box on 10 wheeled cart with four Chlen, Fu Shi'i, and three guards  
$120 USD

AC-6 Additional four Chlen team for AC-5 with Yan Kor style wrangler  $24 USD

The Weapon Without Answer
Painted by David Allan

AC-7 Two axle Chlen cart sized for Tekumel Project Chlen  $15 USD
AC-8 Panniers for Tekumel Project Chlen  $6 USD

DAD Armoury:
AC-9 10 Hokun style spear heads  $1 USD
AC-10 10 Salarvyani style poleaxe heads  $1 USD
AC-11 10 Flamberges (two handed swords with wavy blades) (can be used as polearm heads)  
$1 USD
AC-12 10 Serqu style spear heads  $1 USD
AC-13 10 Two headed poleaxes  $1 USD
AC-14 10 Ahoggya swords  (can be used as polearm heads)  $1 USD
AC-15 10 Spikey halberd heads  $1 USD
AC-16 10 Spikey polearm heads  $1 USD
AC-17 10 Trident heads  $1 USD
RE-9 Mike Lung's remodel of Tekumel Project Thunuru reduced to 9' tall in scale  $4 USD
RE-10 Tekumel Project Biridlu (remodelled with smaller, radially symetric, head bump)  $4 USD
RE-13 Tsagun by Mike Lung (fungus monster - just a silly as it sounds!)  $4 USD

Tsagun Painted by Mike Lung
(...with human figure from Mike's collection)

Re-modelled Thunuru

AT-1 Ahoggya trooper in vac suit w/hand weapons*  $2 USD
AT-2 Ahoggya trooper in vac suit w/heavy weapon  $2 USD

Painted by David Allan

AT-3 Ssu in vac suit w/blaster  $2 USD
AT-4 Ssu in vac suit stooping w/blaster  $2 USD
AT-5 Ssu in vac suit w/launcher  $2 USD
AT-6 Ssu in vac suit w/sniper weapon  $2 USD
AT-7 Ssu leader in vac suit w/standard  $2 USD
AT-8 Serudla w/fricken laser on its head and two blasters*  $10 USD
Other Related
H.G. Wells Style Martians  $2 USD
M-1 Unarmed Martian*  $2 USD
M-2 Martian w/respirator and blaster*  $2 USD
M-3 Martian w/respirator and raygun*  $2 USD
M-4 Martian command team with officer and radio operator  $4 USD
M-5 Tripod  $24 USD
M-6 SP gun with operator  $10 USD
M-7 Small flyer on smoke stand  $8 USD
M-8 Cylinder end protruding from ground with tentacle mounted heat ray  $32 USD
Khmer Boats
KB-1 Large hull  $18 USD
KB-2 Small hull  $8 USD

KB-3 18 Oarsman (w/Tsolyani hairdoos) and steersman seated on benches for KB-1  $15 USD
KB-4 14 Kneeling paddle dudes (w/Tsolyani hairdoos) for KB-2  $12 USD
KB-5 Three figure heads for KB-1  $2 USD

Misc. Stuff
MS-1 Sesame Street style Martian*  $2 USD
MS-2 Dalik  $2 USD
MS-3 Mammoth skeleton  $6 USD
MS-4 Spaceman Spiff in saucer with flying stand  $12 USD
MS-5 Bat Webbed Booger Being  $3 USD
MS-6 Squirtle  $3 USD
MS-7 Giant wasp w/flying stand  $6 USD
MS-8 Giant wasp w/saddle and flying stand  $6 USD
MS-9 Giant wasp w/rider and flying stand  $8 USD

MS-10 Giant caterpillar  $4 USD
AR-1 Blank, square, column, 100mm x 28mm x 28mm  $8 USD

AR-2 Set of 24 decorative panels, each 15mm x 12.5mm x 1.5mm  $8 USD

AR-3 Mayan style "wave" border, 8mm x 170mm x 1.5mm  $2 USD

AR-4 Tekumel Project's General Kettukal, enlarged 1.5 X and standing on inscribed pedestal  
$8 USD

Painted by David Allan

* Includes minor variation in pose, e.g. mouth open or closed, head turned left or right