The Tékumel Project is dedicated to the creation of 28mm scale miniatures* depicting the flora and fauna of M.A.R. Barker's Tékumel setting. Tekumel and The Empire of the Petal Throne are the creation of M.A.R. Barker and are copyrighted by him. Our ranges have been created with his approval.

Our miniatures are offered for sale through the Tékumel Club to members and non-members alike, though - as they say - membership does have it's privileges!

Note that our miniatures may contain lead and have sharp points. Our miniatures are not meant for children or to be ingested.

Do Not Eat Our Miniatures!

Also note that in some instances where the miniatures are intended to be armed with spears, darts or javelins - that these are not included. This is because often these weapons are too fine to cast properly, or if cast, are not really suitable for gaming with - which is the primary purpose of our miniatures! In these cases the customer must supply their own spears. We recommend wire spears, commonly available from a variety of sources or fashioning spears from brass wire which can be found in many good Hobby Shops.

Use the page tabs in the SHOP column to the upper right to navigate between our various ranges:

The Tékumel Club page describes how the club works and what discounts are available to club members.

The How To Order page explains how orders are placed to my email address. It is also intended as a sort of FAQ section for the Tékumel Club.

The Palace of the Realm - Being subjects from the World of Tékumel that are non-military in nature: civilians, flora and fauna - and the like.

The Palace of the Priesthoods of the Gods - Being miniatures relating to the Temples.

The Palace of Ever-Glorious War - Being our strictly military range - that is, the legions of Tsolyánu - the Empire of the Petal Throne - and it's enemies.

The Palace of Foreign Lands - Being our ranges of alien races that are often friendly and allied with mankind. And also cultures beyond the border of the Petal Throne.

The Heroes of the Age - Here reside our character figures - heroes and the like that don't really fit into any of the other categories.

The Underworld - Being our range of creatures found in the depths of Tékumel's Underworld.

The Inimical Races - lists our ranges of the foes of mankind - those alien races that are enemies of the Petal Throne and indeed, humanity in general.

*A note on scale: our miniatures are scaled so that a human figure is 28mm from base of foot to the eye.