How To Order

How do I make an Order?

Send an email to green27 AT sympatico DOT ca

All prices are in US dollars.

Pricing depends upon the item, but in general we try to group the figures into Warbands and Hordes.

A Warband consists of 10 troopers and 4 command or character figures.

Hordes pack consists of 10 troopers without the command.

Single figures may also be purchased in most cases.

Special figures, special sets and vignettes are priced depending upon the set.

How much is Postage?

Starting Sept 1st/2015 postage will be charged at 20% of total order, with the following minimum charge:     (Revised again Sept 11/2015)

Canada and the USA - $10
Rest of the World - $15

This change has been made because the cost of postage out of the country has skyrocketed - particularly for Airmail.

If the postage charged using this formula is higher than actual I will refund the difference via PayPal or apply a credit to the customer's next order.